Vypr VPN Review

It’s not often that we come up against a service that has more barriers to entry than we’re used to, and unfortunately Vypr VPN falls into that category for a variety of reasons. It may be fast (hence the name) and the prices may be okay for some, but we found the quality of services and general usage to lack that certain ‘punch’. One of the biggest disappointments relates to the reliability of the servers; an element that we’ll cover in greater detail a little later on. For now, let’s get to grips with all that Vypr has to offer as an entry-level virtual private network provider.

Value for Moneyvypr server

First of all, Vypr are by no means the cheapest provider on the market. When compared to other providers like Hide My Ass and IPVanish, Vypr are actually almost 40% more expensive on a monthly basis, with the only reprieve coming in the form of lower annual payments. Signing up for a year is a pretty big leap to take however, and even with the premier package offering 50 GB of cloud storage space (ideal for downloaded files), there’s still the concern over the actual functionality of the client.

The provider do offer a 3 day FREE trial, however, just in case you are interested in signing up. We tried it and unfortunately found another issue. After the third day when our trial was due to expire, we were bombarded with emails requesting that we sign up to use the full package. Even weeks after evaluation, our tester’s email address had no fewer than a dozen separate emails from the company offering promotions and other strategies to entice our interest. Unfortunately, we just weren’t that keen to try again.

Vypr VPN Review

Issues with Reliability

One of our main bones of content has to relate to the poor reliability of Vypr’s servers. For a seemingly top rated VPN service, we were a little bit disappointed in the amount of interruptions we had to sit through. It wasn’t a case of choosing the wrong server at the wrong time either; we actually flicked between ranges of server locations manually, and still had the same results.

When we contacted the support team, we didn’t exactly get the answers that we were looking for – but more about that experience in the next section. For now we want to point out that there were no fewer than 14 instances when we were disconnected from our chosen protocol. We’ve never had these issues before and a quick search online found the services to be operating and functioning as expected, so we really can’t understand what the issue was.


You’ll be impressed with VyperVPN’s more than 200 000 IP addresses and over 700 servers in more than 50 countries. But that’s only the start. With native apps you’ll be able to install and use the software on almost any internet-enabled device. Your downloads aren’t capped and you won’t pay any additional fees for switching servers. Plus it includes the aforementioned NAT Firewall, Chameleon Technology and Vypr DNS. That’s right; VyprVPN uses its own servers to protect users. That’s a feature you won’t find with many other VPN providers.

Dealing with the Customer Support

As briefly mentioned above our experience was a little lacking, and although the customer support agent was incredibly polite and more than willing to help, they seemed a little clueless – for want of a better word. If you’re anything like us then you’ll want to have your bugs and errors fixed immediately, but we struggled to make sense of any of the instructions that we were provided, and in several instances we had no choice but to walk away without success.


About Security & Privacy

When reading about Vypr’s security policies, it almost sounds like a dream come true regarding their security policies and confidentiality promises – many of which would seem to surpass even the likes of ExpressVPN. Unfortunately, we were disappointed yet again. Although registered in Europe (Switzerland – a country with excellent privacy laws so users are not subject to Europe’s mandatory data retention rules), the parent company, Golden Frog is partially based in the USA. And that means it may be forced to hand over information according to the USA’s FISA and Patriot Act. This makes them responsible for answering all requests from the DCMA relating to consumer usage.

That in itself can be pretty devastating, especially if you’re keen to stream or catch up on television that is unavailable in your own country. The consequence of falling into this jurisdiction is that Cypr will bend over backwards to comply with state laws and policies – even to the detriment of their customers. As the signup process requires a large volume of identifying data, a whole host of criminal prosecutions have taken place as a direct result of Vypr’s data sharing procedures – prosecutions that would have been avoided when using other providers.

Speed and performance vyprvpn

You may have to take VyprVPN’s privacy claims with a pinch of salt. But that holds true no matter which VPN you use. The company is also opposed to P2P file sharing and BitTorrenting, so if this is why you’re looking for a VPN, you won’t want to use VyprVPN.

Pricing and Plans

VyprVPN offers three simple pricing plans: Basic, Pro and Premier. All are billed annually and include unlimited data usage. Both the Pro and Premier options include the NAT Firewall and Chameleon Technology. This is one of the more expensive VPN’s, but the price can be justified if you consider all the features that are included, even in the Basic package.

You may be disappointed with VyprVPN’s limited banking options. They accept most major credit cards but only one online payment method which is PayPal. Still, if you can work around that you’ll still have plenty of good reasons to sign up with Vypr.

Although VyprVPN is partially based in the USA, they do seem to be committed to protecting their user’s privacy. And they offer some of the most innovative features you’ll find in a VPN including the own DNS servers. If you can afford it, VyperVPN is an excellent Virtual Private Network that offers a solid, professional service. And you can take advantage of their three-day free trial to test it out for yourself.


As much as it pains us to admit, we genuinely found Vypr to be a let down on almost all fronts. When their servers are functioning, we experienced fast browsing – but only when they were operational. In our opinion, there are a whole host of better providers available online.

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