NordVPN Review

If you’re new to the world of Virtual Private Networks you’ll want something that’s simple to use, affordable and provides you with top-notch security. In which case, Nord may be the VPN for you. Here’s what it has to offer:NordVPN Review

Main Features

Nord has 550 servers in 47 countries making for a solid and reliable network. But that’s not it’s most impressive feature. You can connect six devices simultaneously, which makes it good value for money.

Nord works on a variety of platforms and devices, so you’ll have no trouble downloading it to your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can also download it to your router, ensuring that all your connect devices enjoy the same protection.


Nord is based in Panama, a country which has no data protection laws. You needn’t worry that any logs will be kept on your activity. And if you want an extra layer of protection, you can run Tor over VPN.

Securitymain features nordvpn

Nord doesn’t skimp on security. Data is encrypted with an AES 256 bit cipher and authenticated using SHA-2. If you’re really serious about your online security, you’ll be relieved to hear that Nord offers a Kill Switch feature that automatically cuts your connection to the server if the data is broken at any time. Nord also changes your DNS point to the VPN server to protect against DNS leaks. With all of this

It supports a range of protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP. If you want to share P2P files you can do this through the Romanian, Russian, Swedish and Dutch servers, to name a few. If you want to download larger files quickly, you can use one of the dedicated streaming servers. With all of this security in place, you can rest assured that hackers won’t be able to steal any of your data.

Speed and performance

All that extra security comes at a cost and you pay in speed. But the lag is hardly noticeable and you can easily find a faster server to use if you’re streaming a movie or simply surfing the web. If you’re using Nord to protect sensitive data, then security will be your priority and not speed, so it’s hardly an issue worth mentioning. There may be faster VPN’s available, but they’re unlikely to offer you as much security as Nord does.


Before you engage in a Live Chat with one of the support team at Nord, you might want to browse their comprehensive FAQ section. They’ve also put together some handy set-up guides which are easy enough to help novices find their way around. If you do need to chat to an agent, you’ll find them knowledgeable and eager to assist.

Pricing and Plans

nord vpn pricing and plans

As with many VPN providers, Nord offers three different pricing plans with discounts for the length of time you sign up for. You can subscribe for one month, six months or a year. Nord does compare favorably to other providers when you take into account all the security and flexibility they offer their users. Although you can try it out for free, they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This will give you the opportunity to test out their service before you commit yourself.

Nord is the ideal VPN for users who are most concerned with privacy. That’s not to say that it’s slow or difficult to use. It’s easy to download, install and navigate so inexperienced users shouldn’t be put off giving it a try. The emphasis on security does slow it down slightly, but that’s the price you pay for superior encryption.

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