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Boasting one of the highest customer bases when compared to its competition, and with more features than you can shake a stick at – IP Vanish has become a firm favorite amongst global users. It is easy to install, relies on a full set of reliable servers and doesn’t carry a bank-breaking price tag. We decided to get to know this great client a little better, and you’ll find the pros and cons of our experiences below. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the current market leader in detail.

This review was updated on November 22nd

The Features and Functions of IPVanishIPVanish

It takes a lot of hard work to achieve market leader status, and IP Vanish certainly does that in style. With servers in almost 60 countries around the world – the opportunities to experience a seamless browsing or streaming process is second to none. The provider haven’t shied away from the most popular regions either, in fact they possess a whole host of servers within the United States, England, Australia and even in European countries.

As versatile as these servers may be, users living in remoter areas like the Middle East, Egypt, Hungary and Italy will all appreciate local servers to log into at any given time, as well as the option to sign into any of the other international networks. Wherever you’re logging in from, the client makes it a top priority to mask your IP address (as their name may suggest).

This means that local users can browse in peace, without having their browsing habits monitored, harvested and then used for unsavoury activities. It also means that someone in one half of the world can log into a network located outside of their region, in order to access their favorite channels, top programs and more.

The Features and Functions of IPVanish

The Customer Service

It is with pride that we can state that the customer service team of this provider is possibly one of the best that we’ve ever dealt with. We invented a whole host of issues and bugs (simply because we couldn’t find any actual problems during testing), and every time we called the customer service agent was polite, friendly and more than willing to help.

Affordability and Packages

IP Vanish VPN really know how to reward their customers, and this becomes increasingly obvious the longer than you remain with them. Sign up fees are very affordable, so much so that you’d be forgiven for expecting a low quality service that fails to hit the mark. The provider offers three unique plans – all of which will experience a discount the longer you use them.

The most popular plan is the yearly package. This package offers a whopping discount for new users hoping to sign up right now, and members are able to enjoy the full range of features and functions at a fraction of the cost when compared to other similar VPN services. There is also the 3 month plan to opt into, as well as the monthly plan.

IPVanish pricing


As expected, the yearly plan offers the lowest rates, and if you’re concerned about signing up to a service for a full year – it may please you to hear that the provider also offer a no catch money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied after the first month. Considering the speed of the servers, the sheer versatility of the features and the low cost of entry; you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t satisfied.

As a special bonus for our visitors, we’d like to share a unique code with you that can help you to obtain a further 20% off of the standard costs. Simply use the code WAIT when paying, to enjoy even greater savings.

Your Security is their Priority

One of the main reasons that leads anyone to sign up to a virtual private network provider relates to security. With IP Vanish, you aren’t just getting a steady, reliable service that boasts a 99.9% uptime, you’re also receiving the added bonus of full anonymity, too. The provider operates under a zero disclosure policy.

What this means for you is that they will never withhold your information, they’ll never store it, nor will the company ever share it with anyone. This means that you can stream and browse the web in complete confidence that not a single organization or tool in this world will be able to monitor your activity.

Thissaid, the company that operates IPVanish ( MudHook Marketing) is based in the United States. Although users don’t seem to have encountered any problems, you can’t rely on any VPN for complete anonymity.

Speed and performance

When it comes to speed tests, IPVanish has consistently performed well. And the good news is that this is likely to be your experience too. In some cases it even improves both upload and download speeds. That’s when it’s connected to international servers. When you’re connected to a local server, the results may not be as impressive. But that shouldn’t put you off too much as it won’t affect your speeds to the point that you can’t tolerate it.

Our Final Thoughts

This provider is such a well-rounded, versatile client that we honestly couldn’t find any faults with it. The sign up fees are minimal and installation is simple and easy to undertake (even for those with minimal technical expertise). We genuinely can’t speak of any provider more highly, and we’d strongly advise you to give them a go. If you don’t like them immediately, grab your money back entirely.

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